An Ex-Marine SAHM's Reflection on Pride

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reveal of a Ex-Marine SAHM's perspective on Pride & more

Lady Reignicorn blog author interviews Ex-Marine SAHM, Tara , famously known as @just_a_mom603 on social media. I have known Tara for many years and have always thought of her as a bad-ass-fearless-woman. In high school, I remember her as being unapologetically herself. Mind you, this was back in the early 2000's... Time has passed, and Tara is still a courageous person who I continue to be inspired by.

Name: Tara @just_a_mom603

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 35 in July Location: Northeast USA

A little bit about Tara... Tara dropped out of beauty school at 18 years old to join the Marine Corps. (Ahem, bad-ass.) Spent 1 enlistment as an avionics mechanic on CH53E heavy equipment helicopters. (BAD-ASS) She m

et her husband, also a Marine, and they have two amazing daughters. Tara is currently a stay-at-home mom and an advocate for self-love, body-positivity, and so much more. Tara has grown a following base of 166K on TikTok, and 25K on Instagram. Be sure to check out her content on TikTok, Instragram, Twitter, and Discord.

I feel like my confidence truly exploded when I stopped caring what other people thought about my physical appearance.

What is a message that you like to convey to the world? I know I was drawn to your page because #1 you're awesome #2 you've been sharing so much self-love and confidence affirmations for people to be inspired by (including me!) Is that your intention? And what brought you to share your message with the world in the way you do?

When I first joined TikTok, I didn't think I would make much content. I was pretty insecure and didn't think anyone would actually pay attention to anything I had to say. I slowly started coming out of my shell and after posting my first body positivity video about mom bodies, I realized so many women felt the same way I did. I feel like my confidence truly exploded when I stopped caring what other people thought about my physical appearance.

Any messages you would like to share about the body-positivity movement?

I'm so glad my daughters get to grow up at a time where all body types are starting to be embraced. However, the rate of eating disorders continues to climb. I struggled for years with different types of eating disorders. I want your promote self-love and body-positivity while making healthy choices. I make jokes about eating pizza and burgers, but I'm not promoting eating junk food at all times. I just think that spending your life counting calories and carbs can definitely be damaging on your mental health. I follow so many women creators that promote body positivity, and they all inspire me every single day.

I just want to do what I can to help and make a difference.

Tell us NOOBS a little about the Defiant Dames NFT project?

Forgive me, I call it a campaign. In short words. One tidbit I gathered is that a percentage of proceeds will go towards support for those who have been victim to domestic abuse.

Follow Defiant Dames @Just_a_mom603 on Twitter

So the Defiant Dames and NFT project was created with the purpose to help provide not only charities to help victims of domestic violence, but to also directly help women who need financial help whether to get out of a relationship that is abusive or to continue to survive outside of an abusive relationship. 60% of all proceeds of our project will be going to the charity aspect of the project. The other 40% gets reinvested directly back into the project for future collections, merchandise, and utility for Defiant Dames holders. I, and the other two wonderful founders, get zero profit from the first collection. The most important thing to us is to help those victims. I was an abusive relationship for about 5 years, I know how hard it is to leave. Especially if you have young children. I just want to do what I can to help and make a difference.

Are there any other messages that you like to convey to the world?

I'm just all about positive vibes, kindness, and learning self-love. I spent most of my

life hating myself. For what? I'm a good person. I hated myself specifically for my physical appearance. Life is too short to be so insecure that you cry when you try clothes on. The best love is self-love.

The best love is self-love.

For the interviews that were conducted during the month of June we took time to make space for some reflection on Pride.

Pride Related Bio: I always felt a little confused growing up about what I liked and what I wanted. I knew for sure that I really liked men, but I was confused about how I felt about women. Experimentation definitely helped to clear things up for me. I will always support the equal rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

What does Pride Month mean to you? It means that anyone is allowed to love and be loved. What does it mean to embrace LGBTQIA+ pride? It means that you're proud of who you are completely. It all comes back to self-love. Being proud of yourself for who you are.

I could not agree with Tara more. We as individuals hold more space for the love of others when we fully embrace and love ourselves.

How are you planning to celebrate Pride this year? I don't personally go out to celebrate, but I definitely talk about it on my social media accounts.

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What has negatively or positively impacted your experiences of Pride? I honestly haven't experienced any negativity associated with pride as an adult. The only time in my life that I wasn't allowed to be open was when I was in the military. I served during the "don't ask, don't tell" times.

How does your community support Pride? My social media Community has been wonderful, there is definitely a decent-sized LGBTQ+ following and everyone is so kind and loving.

What is an issue the LGBTQIA+ community is facing that many people might not know about? I personally don't know about issues that aren't really well known about... There's just still issues of acceptance all around. Especially in other countries.

Who are some of your LGBTQIA+ role models? I actually grew up with some people who didn't come out until college. And to see them grow up from when we were children into these incredibly happy and beautiful gay men makes my heart so thrilled for them. They get to live "out" and be happy with their partners.

Tara's Linktree

Lady Reignicorn greatly appreciates Tara taking time out of her busy life to take a moment and share with us. I really hope all readers take a moment to check out Tara's content and her NFT project, Defiant Dames, which supports women who need financial help whether to get out of a relationship that is abusive or to continue to survive outside of an abusive relationship.

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