Counting My Blessings, a search for my flock.

Updated: Jul 16

Do you like who you are? Do you surround yourself with people you lift you up? If you answered No to both of these questions then I recommend you take some time to reflect. I ask myself these two questions a lot lately. In this review it is apparent that I am the one holding myself back from building upon the relationships that fuel me. And that needs to change.

When I first dreamt of Lady Reignicorn, my idea was to unite my flock of unicorns (also known as a blessing) and raise them up in the sunlight so that they may be more successful. I realize now, I was not ready for that ambitious goal at that time. I was not fully standing tall myself, how could I lift up my sisters while I was slouching? They deserve more, I deserve more.

Lady Reignicorn is starting from the bottom, pouring a wondrous cement foundation. If you dig this idea and feel my vibe, reach out!

Yours Truly,

Lady Aurelis

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